Thursday, December 31, 2015

Sharing the Journey Round Up ~ 2015

Wow, so much has happened here this year! Can you believe it's almost officially been a full twelve months since I put up the first post here on Sharing the Journey? :) (Eight days left!)

And -- before we get into all the great links below -- I've got a tremendous bit of news. Last night I FINALLY finished the writing and working edits on A Flame Shall Spring from the Embers (my entry for Rooglewood Press's Sleeping Beauty contest) and sent it in. Come March, we'll find out if it places among the winners, etc., but either way, Lord willing, you'll definitely be getting a chance to read it later this year. :) Super exciting!

First and foremost, thank you so much to each one of my marvelous beta-readers/critique partners. You provided such encouragement to persevere in the tough spots and made the story altogether so much stronger. You're all truly amazing!! :)

(Another character  inspiration picture,
 just 'cause I'm rather fond of it.)

Also, if you didn't get a chance to visit before (or would like to visit again), here's a link for my AFSS Pinterest inspiration board.

Now I'm just plain thrilled about getting back to David's Shoulders soon in 2016. Working on AFSS over the last few months, I've learned so much -- so many new tips and fast writing/style techniques + simply relaxing about early drafts in general -- and Lord willing, my goal is to have (at least) the current draft for ODS done by the end of 2016. (Of course, more would be splendid, but we'll just have to see what exciting things God has planned for the rest of life as well. ;))

And now for our great 2015 round up -- a catalog of the happenings and events here on StJ!

This started it all off.

(Click here for all our other Quotes of the Month.)

2015's Wonderful Writer & Author Interviews

Éowyn Peterson - January 2015

Naomi - February 2015

Rachel Kovaciny - March 2015

Natalie - April 2015

Emma - May 2015

Heidi Grace Salzman - June 2015

Jenelle Schmidt - July 2015

Elisabeth Grace Foley - August 2015

Annie Hawthorne - September 2015

Braden Russell - October 2015

Suzannah Rowntree - November 2015

Emily Ann Putzke - December 2015

Our Inklings link-up started in May:

May 2015 ~ Violets
December 2015 ~ A Christmastide movie scene

Our 3 Things I Love in a Good Story Nutshell Overview:

(I love this list! And I've put together a new page for these, so click here for all the fantastic 3 Things guest posts themselves.)

A character I will remember - Natalie
A mystery - Jenelle Schmidt
A part that makes me cry - Natalie
A strong ending - Heidi
A sweet romance - Natalie
Balanced description - Heidi
Characters I want to be friends with - Hamlette
Family friendly - Jenelle Schmidt
Female characters I can respect and admire - Jessica Prescott
Good camaraderie - Heidi
Good relationships - Olivia
Happy endings - Hamlette
Heroic characters - Jenelle Schmidt
Humor - Olivia
Literature references - Naomi
"My kind" of writing style - Olivia
Not only romance - Naomi
Realistic dialogue - Hamlette
Romantic relationships that I can get behind - Jessica Prescott
Some kind of romance - Naomi
Vivid sensory description - Jessica Prescott

Thank you to each and every one of my lovely followers for joining this adventure -- it wouldn't be the same without you! And a tremendous thank you to all of you who shared and took the time to leave kind comments. :) You all truly made it a wonderful year here and I look forward to spending time with all of you in 2016! :) Happy New Year!

Heidi Peterson is a lover of wide-spreading land, summer dust, white pounding waterfalls, and mountain tops; also of good dark coffee and rich stories. Most of all she's a lover of the One who is the Word, the Word made flesh. You can visit her additional blog (where she shares more about books, movies, and further marvels of life) at: Along the Brandywine.

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  1. Happy New Year! Wow, has it really been a whole year since you launched this blog? That's amazing. How time doth fly.

    And now we have to somehow wait for March. Eeeeeeeeeep. Maybe that time will fly as well :-) We can hope, right?

    1. Hamlette,
      Isn't it incredible? :)

      And eeeeeeee, yes! So far I feel like it's moving along super fast, though, so I'm staying hopeful. ;D

  2. I love your inspiration board for A Flame Shall Spring--I'm really excited to read it eventually! I hope it wins! :)

    Isn't writing just so much FUN? I'm so glad I "discovered" it this year--it's made a huge difference in my life :)

    1. jessica,
      I'm soo happy you loved the board and I can't wait till you can read it, too! ;)

      And YES. It's a-m-a-z-i-n-g, isn't it? :D

  3. Congratulations on finishing your story!!
    I'm looking forward to reading it eventually;)

    1. Rose,
      Thank you!! And I'm so glad you're looking forward to it! :)

  4. Oh yay! Happy New Year and Happy 1 Year Anniversary to Sharing the Journey!

    Ohh, I'm so excited for AFSS. I really hope it wins....but if it doesn't I'm so happy you'll be publishing it anyways! Soooo excited. :D

    Good luck with your goal concerning ODS! I really hope you finish the first draft. That would be amazing!!

    1. Natalie,
      Thank you, dear!! :)

      Yes, I'm still suuuuuper excited, too -- and also glad to have this little "breather" space. ;D

      And thank you! It'd definitely be entirely marvelous. (Hoping to work on setting up my new writing area this week, which is most exciting. :))

    2. Ooh, a new writing area? I'd love to hear more about that. :)

    3. Natalie,
      It's coming along slowly but surely. ;) I'll have to see if I can get you a picture when it's done!! :)

    4. Heidi,
      I'll look forward to it! :D


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