Current Work & Upcoming Releases

Worlds of refinement, ruthlessness, and energy.

Three men—brothers—caught between expectation and desire.

Truth, longing, guilt, and betrayal.

A kinsman redeemer.

Dying in order to live.

In 1880’s Boston, Cedric—youngest son of his father—is bequeathed a weighty inheritance. A wide western land is spread at his feet, but lost men are before his face and waiting women behind. A dragon remains to be slain and a hero must die...

Genre: Fiction/historical fiction/western
Status: Writing

~            ~            ~


A love triangle and political drama in 19th century British occupied India.

Genre: Fiction/historical fiction
Status: Brainstorming/researching

Katya (working title)

Turn of the century German and Russian immigrants in Missouri.

Genre: Fiction/historical fiction
Status: Brainstorming

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