Tales for Little Ears

Seven tales of courage, loyalty, and beauty set in a glorious, wind-swept land. 

All sevenfrom the adventures of Sir Andrewfighting his way through fire and ice to gain his heart’s desireto those of Prince Brychan, searching for a woman with the gift of beauty in her fingersare fresh and engaging, remaining at the same time deeply rooted in a grand and authentic tradition.

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Excerpt from Tales – “The long hours dragged by slowly and, other than the servant who brought him some bread and cheese at noon, he saw no one until the sun was hanging near the treetops. Then a stealthy sound on the stairs coming up from the great hall caught his ear.

Sir Brian waited in silence and soon three men appeared at the top of the stairway and began moving furtively down the darkening hall. As they edged closer, Sir Brian drew his sword from its sheath and the three thieves (for such they were) saw him for the first time and stopped.

It was barely a moment before all three reached for their daggers and threw themselves upon the knight. He managed to hurl the foremost of his attackers across the hall with a blow to his chest. The man hit the opposite wall with tremendous force and collapsed to the floor.

The other two were now upon him. After a fierce fight, he succeeded in felling one with a cut to the head, but the last thief fought desperately. Ducking under the knight's sword, he caught him round the waist and threw him to the ground where the two rolled over in a wild struggle to gain the upper hand.

At last, Sir Brian managed to stay uppermost. Holding his opponent down with a knee to his chest, he held his dagger to his throat. The man gave in and begged for mercy and Sir Brian carefully unbuckled his belt and bound it round the thief's wrists before sitting him up against the wall.

Sir Brian wiped and sheathed his sword and then stood before the door again. Two of the thieves lay unconscious where they had fallen. The third was sitting against the wall, eyeing Sir Brian with very little goodwill; and there the matter rested for a while.”

Genre: Children's Fiction/Fairytales/Fantasy/Fiction
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