As the young wife of a sea captain, Ellen lives cheerfully and faithfully. Then 
tragedy strikes and all that she has–and is–is put through testing fire. 

Bound up with her story is that of Pierre–an urchin off the streets of a far-distant city shipping out on a great adventureand also that of his captain, a man seeking to snatch safety for his men whatever the cost to himself.

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Excerpt from Ellen #1 – “Sitting forward and clasping her hands on her knees, she listened to the high cries of the gulls, almost invisible against blue water and sky. The air seemed to be full of light, catching and reflecting off the water and sand, even lying in the folds of her skirt, highlighting the shadows under her hands. Below the small sounds around her, there was an underlying quiet, and the rock where she sat was very warm and solid.”

Excerpt from Ellen #2 – “As the ship pitched, the lamp swung wildly–casting its light over first one half of the small table and then the other. Four of the men were seated here playing cards, silently for the most part. It was a game rather to take their minds off the situation than to pass time. Three others were seated at the larger table nearby, eating their supper in tremendous gulps, their clothes still dripping from being on deck. The rest of the men were sprawled on their bunks, either snoring or lying awake to dismally contemplate the knotted wood above their heads. Neither of the mates were in sight.

The hatch to the deck opened, letting in a blast of freezing air and a torrent of water which swiftly became a puddle at the foot of the ladder. A man dropped in, pulling the hatch shut as he did so. It was the second-mate. Taking off his hat and wringing out the water, he looked about the room. His glance settled on Pierre who was lying on one elbow watching the men about the card table.”

Genre: Fiction/Historical Fiction
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