Monday, December 21, 2015

3 Things I Love in a Good Story // Naomi

from Naomi

1. Some Kind of Romance 

I know, I know. I’m THAT kind of teenage girl. The kind of person movie-makers throw a little romance-plot in a movie for. But hey, my brain just happens to work in a sentimental, romantic way – it’s not like it’s my fault, is it? I just love to see at least one character get married; or to have some hand-holding at the railway station somewhere in the plot. Sorry. I just love it. 

I’m not saying books without Romance can’t be good. No, sir. They can. But I tend to appreciate books more when they have some kind of romancey bits in it. (It doesn’t have to be the only thing in the book. I don’t like that. I just like a bit of it sprinkled here and there.) 

2. Not Only Romance 

No, I am not just stating the opposite of number one. Yes, I love Romance. But not when it’s the only thing in the book! I have read several Christian Fiction novels where the story line is all about the girl and the boy. Girl meets boy. Boy meets Girl. Boy thinks Girl is pretty. Girl thinks Boy is rude. And so on. Nothing else but stuff about the Boy and the Girl. The whole book is about their interaction, their romance. 

This makes me a bit… I don’t know, tired? I like to hear about other things too. For example, a family problem. Or a murder mystery. Or the Girl helps her friend publish a book. I don’t know! Just some variety. Not only romance. 

3. Literature References 

When a book has references about literature, or movies, or my favourite musicals – I love that book completely. Like, I LOVE that. I read Dear Mr Knightley with a grin on my face, because Samantha watched Pride and Prejudice 1995 on Thanksgiving. The Guernsey Literary Potato Peel Pie Society made me completely happy because of all the literature lovers talking together. 

I just LOVE those kinds of books. 

Again, I’m not saying I don’t like books without Literature References. Not at all. But when a book has them, chances are really high I’m going to love the book.

Note from Heidi: Thanks so much for sharing, Naomi!

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  1. Thank you so much for having me, Heidi! The pictures look splendid. :-)

    1. Naomi,
      Thanks again so much for sharing!! ;)

  2. Love this post, Naomi!

    Hey, don't feel silly about liking romance--I'm not a teenager any more and I STILL love it. Not too much--like you said--but little bits here and there? That's awesome.

    That's one reason why I loved The Force Awakens so much--they included the beginnings of a very sweet romance and boy, was I happy. :)

  3. I loved this, Naomi! YES to romance! Just not the gross-micro-descriptive stuff. And other stuff has to happen as well :)

  4. Girls, we're in the same boat here. :-) Thanks for commenting!

  5. YESH. THE ROMANCE THING. I'll admit, I'm much more likely to be interested in a story if it has at least a HINT of romance. Otherwise…mehh, not quite so much ;p

    But then again. CFR. That, too.

    And literature references! Great list, Naomi! :)

  6. Well, Naomi, as you know, I'm "THAT kind of teenage girl" too. ;)
    Although yes, definitely, if there's no plot besides the romance...bleh. There has to be a little something more. :)
    Great list!!

  7. Romance is not an essential element for me, but it is for my mom, so I often try to imagine her reading things I write and wondering if there's enough crumbs of romance to keep her and people like her happy. I remember once, long ago, when she said that her favorites westerns are the ones with John Wayne in them because then she knew there'd be a love story, and that really stuck with me.


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