Thursday, March 31, 2016

"What Meanest Thou?" // #2

It's time for our second What Meanest Thou post! And (per popular request), it's a further study in period (mostly medieval) dress with lots of pictures this time around. So here ye go...

#1: Kirtle

A woman's gown or outer petticoat (i.e. what would generally be referenced as her 'dress' in modern terms). Often worn over a shift (see point #4 below).

#2: Surcoat

An outer coat of rich material. A man's loose robe worn over armor; a sleeveless garment worn as part of the insignia of an order of knighthood. Can also reference a woman's sleeveless overdress (see pictures 4 and 5 below in this category).

#3: Smock

A loose dress or blouse with the upper part closely gathered, it was/is an outer garment worn by men, women and children. Similar to the tunic in that it spans many historical periods.

Elizabethan smock

Elizabeth shirt and Jacobean smock

#4: Shift

A woman's long, straight, unwaisted, loose-fitting undergarment. Often worn as a nightdress as well. (Spans many historical periods.)

Early 19th century

So there you have it! :) What are your thoughts? Have you ever confused any of these terms?

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  1. Great idea! I was never sure what a surcoat was, so that really helped. And it was interesting to see that you defined shift and smock separately,as I have seen them used interchangeably as well as contrasted.

  2. Thank you!!! This helped so much. I never knew that surcoat could reference a piece of woman's clothing as well!

  3. I love this series, Heidi! :)


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