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Inkling Explorations Link-Up // February 2016

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This month's selection is: A scene involving a disguise in book or film

My selection for this month comes from the episode My Brother's Keeper in the third season of the classic Adventures of Robin Hood tv series starring Richard Greene. Giving context for our disguise scene, I'll back up to give a quick screencap overview.

First, My Brother's Keeper is a Cain and Abel story, with an older brother disinherited for his sins and then vengefully killing his younger brother.

You know the Cain and Abel story...

And in this case there are two witnesses (though they were too far away when it suddenly happened to prevent the murder). Robin Hood (above) and Little John -- who then have a debate over what to do.

Robin argues for their moral obligation to see the murderer brought to justice, while Little John maintains that as outlaws they stand to be hung -- regardless of their witness -- while the murderer will still go free.

In the end, they decide to go to Friar Tuck --who happens to be superintending the production of the annual Shrovetide play recounting the opening scenes in Genesis (to be attended by all the county gentry, including the Sheriff). Long story short (and much to Little John's consternation) Robin decides they'll go on as the mummers reenacting Cain and Abel, thus trying to bring the murderer (also present) to a full confession. So come the disguises -- including dyeing Little John's hair and beard and adding a stage beard for Robin.

(Robin trying to coach Little John via the prompt book.) 

"Satan" bringing them their stage cue. 

Now they're on.

The father, Marian, and the Sheriff.

And it works -- bringing the murderer to his knees and a full confession.

 (There's actually a quick fight scene in here between this shot and the one above, with the murderer coming up onstage after Robin...)

This is probably the most somber and intense RH episode, yet throughout there are flitting moments of poignant hilarity -- thrown into even more vivid relief against the shadows. I'm always reminded of Lewis's quote: "It is apparently when terrors are over that they become too terrible to laugh at; while they are regnant they are too terrible to be taken with unrelieved gravity." 
(Incidentally, it's also unusual in being an episode where the Sheriff is doing his job and fully bent on justice.)

So there you have it! A rather serious entry (though again, with flashes of intense humor) and also, I think, unusual in how it involves donning disguises to explicitly surprise forth the truth. Altogether deeply thought-provoking and memorable...

Tell me! Have you seen this episode?

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Up next month: A scene involving a letter, package, or post office in film


  1. Ooh, I have a great one for this! :) Hopefully I can get to it! I have lots going on over on the blog this month :)

    1. Jenelle,
      Oh, splendid -- I hope you can get to it as I'd love to see your idea! :) (And yes, I've just slightly noticed all the excitement this month. ;D)

    2. Here's mine:

    3. Jenelle,
      Yay! I've added your link and hoping to comment soon. :)

  2. A scene involving a disguise!!! How perfect. I am just reading a book with a great scene involving a disguise. :-)

    1. Naomi,
      Yay! Oooh, really?!? What timing and I can't wait to see it! :)

    2. Here t'is!!

    3. Naomi,
      Wonderful! Your link's up and I'm off to comment ASAP. :)

  3. I haven't seen that episode yet! But what an interesting scene -- very reminiscent of Hamlet and his whole "The play's the thing wherein I'll catch the conscience of the king" idea, huh?

    This is going to be a tough month to decide what to write about just because I've got about 5 ideas already, and how to choose?!?

    1. Hamlette,
      Isn't it? And yes, I realized after I did it that it is very similar (in basic idea) to that scene in Hamlet!

      Heehee. Incidentally, this was actually one of your topic ideas back in November. ;D And oh dear... I totally feel your pain. You should have SEEN my state of indecision this month!! I was really originally going to share a scene from Chapter 7 in Stevenson's The Black Arrow (which is what ALWAYS comes to mind first for me with disguises), but that quickly got out of hand, so then I turned to RH and... well, between all the different film and tv variations the list is pretty much endless. Whew! Meanwhile I had a deadline to get the post up. ;P Soooo... in the end I basically closed my eyes like Phil in Anne and stabbed with a pin. ;)

    2. Lol! It was, huh? Well, that makes sense, because I love disguises :-D I think I've settled on The Count of Monte Cristo, but I haven't decided precisely what scene yet.

    3. Hamlette,
      (I'm grinning. ;D) And oooh, good one!! I can't wait to see!!! :)

    4. I've got it posted here at last! And I did use TCOMC :-D

    5. Hamlette,
      YAY! The link 'tis up and I'm hoping to comment ASAP. ;D

  4. Ooh, disguises is a good coice. Here's mine:

    1. Meredith,
      Yay! I've added your link and hopping to comment ASAP. :)

  5. I wanted so much to join in on this, but I didn't come up with an entry (things have been busy lately :/) and now it's almost the end of the month. I'm sorry, Heidi! I'll be looking forward to next month, though. :)
    It was such a fun topic and a great selection! (Although I haven't seen that episode :))

    1. Natalie,
      Oh, I'm sorry you weren't able to do it :P, but no worries -- I completely understand! And I'm looking forward to next month, too. ;D


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